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Consultations take place mainly at the ‘Espace Médical Vauban’.
This centre brings together doctors and surgeons, all of whom are specialised in the treatment of pathologies related to sport and arthrosis.
Located on the corner of the Place Vauban and Avenue de Ségur, opposite the dome of the Invalides, access is simple using public transport and parking is easy in the surrounding streets.
During consultation, I will give my expert opinion concerning your hand / upper limb related medical condition, using complementary examinations where necessary (x-ray, scanner, MRI, …) and together we will define all of your objectives and specific requirements.

We will then envisage the different treatment options, and I will explain the advantages, the disadvantages and the potential risks associated with each option.

Our next step will be to define the solution which is best adapted to your situation and your expectations.
You will also receive a detailed estimate of the cost of the operation which should be transmitted to your health insurance company, thus enabling a complete or partial coverage of the cost, depending on your particular contract.
Of course you will always have the possibility of calling me or seeing me for another consultation if further explanations are required.
After your operation, I will see you again in consultation up to the healing or stabilisation stage.
My assistants, Virginie at the centre ‘Espace Médical Vauban’ and Paula at the CMC PARIS V, will assist you with the administrative procedures, and with the organisation of your operation and possible examinations, taking into account your specific needs.

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I am also a member of the emergency department team for ‘Urgence Main Val de Seine’ at the CHP Montgardé in the Yvelines.
This unit specialises in upper limb surgery, and especially in emergeny hand injury treatment. The centre is accredited as a member of the European Federation of Emergency Hand Surgery, the ‘Fédération Européenne des Services d’Urgence Main’ (FESUM).

Emergency Hand Surgery cases are given specialist treatment 24 hours a day and operations are carried out by one of the surgeons on the team specialised in hand surgery and microsurgery.
I am present for consultation and surgery here mainly on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the full range of technical equipment ensures all surgical treatment concerning the upper limb, including shoulder and elbow operations.

My assistants, Christelle, Sabah, Sylvie and Julie as well as our nurse, Isabelle, are there to welcome and guide you at all times, including the days when I am not present at the centre; my colleagues, Doctors Abadie, Barbato and Hémon will also be happy to see you in a case of emergency during my absence.


Contact :

CHP Montgardé
32, rue du Montgardé
78410 Aubergenville
Tel : 01 30 95 12 20

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